Ye ole typewriter.

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Is this good for the company? Yes it is. And yes, this is something that you actually might like.

Automatically deploy Middleman with Codeship to a VPS

Here's a short guide for how I do it for my website.

My Raspberry Pi based VCR with RSS, youtube-dl and svtplay-dl

VCRSS is a ruby script I wrote that automatically downloads videos my kids like from SVT Play and YouTube.

So long and godspeed, Blaskan

Five and a half years ago I released one of the first free high quality responsive WordPress themes: Blaskan. Now it has found a new home.

Consistent use of double or single quotes in HTML

Being consistent when using double or single quotes in HTML will result in smaller file size when gzipping.

I’m there now. And I have a couple of invites to spare…

Stay safe with free SSL, easy to setup on Digital Ocean

This site is now running on Digital Ocean and while moving I finally took the time to setup SSL. I’m using a free certificate from Start SSL which required very little effort thanks to this guide:

How To Set Up Apache with a Free Signed SSL Certificate on a VPS

The Tale of The Haunted City


Feeling a bit nostalgic as I found my old Hyper Island application from 2002. Oh that pixel stuff was hot back then.

Source on GitHub

Automate your love life with Flattrstar

Google Docs and Jekyll playing nicely together

When trying to find good podcasts during the euros this summer I decided to build a simple football podcast directory. At first I though of using Drupal or Symfony but decided to see if I could do it with Jekyll. Here's is how I did it.


As from yesterday this site is now powered by Jekyll instead of Drupal. Everything is (just as my old Drupal site) available on GitHub.

Better front end performance in Drupal

Apart from using aggregation (CSS and JavaScript) and minification (CSS) in the bandwidth optimization settings (admin/config/development/performance) here are a few more things that you can do.

Opening up my Drupal setup

My git repo for this site, including the full Drupal setup, is now public on GitHub.

Getting help with Blaskan and WordPress

Help translate Blaskan

Blaskan on

If you’d like to contribute to Blaskan please use Github. I expect to release Blaskan 2.4 in a couple of days.

WordPress child theme boilerplate for Blaskan

To make things even easier for anyone who wants to create a child theme for Blaskan I've created a Blaskan child theme boilerplate.

Blaskan is now on

Good times! On Christmas eve, after waiting for approval for almost three months, Blaskan was finally approved and is now available on

Who wants lunch?

This last friday was such a day and I spent it together with a bunch of creative people lead by Jonas Larsson developing the web app Luncha ihop and its' english companion You guys should lunch.

Thank you for everything, Kaliber10000

When I was getting started as a young web designer in the late 90s K10k was one of the sites that made me fall in love with graphic design and web development.

New WordPress plugin: Bloglovin Follow

Bloglovin Follow enables you to easily add their follow button to your pages, posts or custom post types as well as in a widget.

Blaskan 2.0 about to hit the streets

I'm currently in the progress of finishing version 2.0 of the WordPress theme I released earlier this year. Blaskan 2.0 will hopefully be done this weekend and soon after that finally be available on

Photoshop Etiquette rule 41: compress your PSD files

This significantly decreases the file size, from what I've learnt approx 20–50%, and keeps everybody else's Dropbox/Basecamp/email accounts more slim.

FFFFOUND! feed parser for Drupal

I'm really happy to announce my first contributed Drupal module. Feeds: FFFFOUND! parser provides a parser for the feeds from FFFFOUND!

New WordPress theme: Blaskan

A responsive WordPress theme built for smartphones, tablets, netbooks, laptops and desktops.

Type Browser

Type Browser helps you get a good overview of how a font looks in a browser. It's all HTML/CSS/JavaScript and can easily be used on locally on your computer.

Positive posters 2010 – Full of optimism

My submission to this year's Positive Posters competition.

Moving on

After almost six years as a solo freelancer it's time for a change.

Drupal module for Unit PNG Fix

A simple module that enables the Unit PNG Fix.

Swedish services for Service Links 2.x

For those of you interested in swedish services for Service Links 2.x, I just published a small module with support for Bloggy and Pusha.

My first & 20

Inspired by First & 20 here a list of what's currently on my home screen on my iPhone.