My first & 20

Inspired by First & 20 here a list of what’s currently on my home screen on my iPhone.
Camera and Messages needs no further explanation and here’s the rest. Amazing apps marked with a *.

  1. iPod
    Although Spotify is my primary choice when it comes to music I still use this for podcasts and screencasts.
  2. Byline *
    Excellent RSS reader that syncs with Google Reader.
  3. Chieftent
    The best Basecamp client.
  4. RememberTheMilk *
    I choose this over Things since it’s a full web app.
  5. Tweetie *
    Bird watching.
  6. iFound! *
    Very addictive. I’ve doubled tripled my FFFFound! usage since I got this app.
  7. Read It Later
    Switched from Instapaper a couple of months ago. Not sure if I made the right choice but I think I’ll hang on to this for now. It’s good enough.
  8. Evernote *
    Notes done right.
  9. MindMeister *
    The MindMeister web app have changed the way I work. It’s incredible and the iPhone app adds another dimension.
  10. Res i STHLM
    Travel planner for buses/subway/trains in Stockholm.
  11. Mobile Fotos
    Flickr in my pocket.
  12. RjDj
    Real time generated music. The Echolon scene in urban and other noisy environments takes you on a trip…
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