Type Browser

<p>After ending up with too many customized <a href="http://webfontspecimen.com/">Web Font Specimen</a> documents I decided to build a simple tool to see how fonts are displayed on the web.

Type Browser helps you get a good overview of how a font looks in a browser. It’s all HTML/CSS/JavaScript and can easily be used on locally on your computer. A couple of fonts from The League of Moveable Type is included for demonstration purpose.

How to use

Convert your fonts to the various web formats using the @font-face generator. Then put the font files in the fonts directory and edit config/config.js (more detailed instructions inside config.js).
Additional information is included in the README.

Inspiration, code, resources and help

Web Font Specimen
The League of Movable Type
Font Squirrel / @font-face generator
960 grid system
-webkit-font-smoothing reloaded
Google Font previewer
Viktor Miranda
Tobias Sjösten

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