Who wants lunch?

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This is sort of a translation of the blog post I posted earlier today on my companys’ swedish site.

Every second friday is free friday at Kollegorna which means that everyone works with open source, learning new skills or works on internal or personal projects.

This last friday was such a day and I spent it together with a bunch of creative people lead by Jonas Larsson developing the web app Luncha ihop and its’ english companion You guys should lunch.

Jonas is looking for a new job as digital strategist and wanted to do something more than just a regular job application which led to the idea of Luncha ihop and You guys should lunch.

The site lets you log in to LinkedIn, fetch your LinkedIn friends and let you encourage two of them to have a lunch together. You can also encourage one of them to have lunch with Jonas. Regarding the production of the site we did the frontend development, Deportivo did the design and Teknograd the backend development.

Last night we made a stealth launch and the full public release was this morning.
The release has gone very well and some of the milestones we’ve reached so far are:

To whom would you say youguysshouldlunch?

The team

Jonas Larsson - project manager, founder
Stefan Ronge, Deportivo – creative director
Hampus Högberg, Deportivo – designer
Fredrik Davidsson, Teknograd – backend development
Tommy Skott, Teknograd – frontend development
Per Sandström, Kollegorna – frontend development
Per Torberger, One Man Show – copywriter
Mattias Åkerberg, Please Copy Me – copywriter
Jeanette Fors-Andrée, Krisinstitutet – communication strategist
Malin Ströman, SVT – digital strategist
Micco Grönholm, Pyramid – brand strategist
Åsa Wallenrud – planner

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Lunch, anyone?

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