So long and godspeed, Blaskan

Five and a half years ago I released one of the first free high quality responsive WordPress themes: Blaskan. After being around for some time it got approved on both and

Among its most famous users were Toni Schneider, who at the time was the CEO of Automattic – the company behind WordPress. If you’re a swede you surely know about the podcast Värvet by Kristoffer Triumf. He’s been a Blaskan user since the start in 2012.

Värvet using Blaskan

For the last two years I’ve had a hard time giving it the time it needs and development has stagnated. I’m therefore happy to announce that I’m passing the torch over to Aigars Silkalns and his company Colorlib. Aigars is a extremely experienced WordPress developer and I’m sure Blaskan will have a great future in his hands.

Finally I’d like to thank everyone that’s been contributing with translations, bug reports, ideas and support all these years. It’s been a pleasure!

Let's work together!