You Might Also Like

You Might Also Like… us.

My 9-5 job is running digital agency – Kollegorna (“The Colleagues” in Swedish).

We started out as a traditional studio here in Stockholm, but has evolved into a fully distributed team that includes 7 nationalities, 8 cities, 6 countries and 4 timezones.

Earlier this week we launched a new blog: You Might Also Like. A place where everyone is free to post anything, well anything but shop talk. Here we tell stories from our hometowns, countries and cultures. Or just stuff we like to do outside work.

This is an attempt both to get to know each other better as well as having others understand who we are.

My first piece is on the Swedish Christmas chocolate crisis. If that doesn’t sound tasty enough for you then why not go for a craft beer tour of Portugal?

Expect great things here:

Let's work together!